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Spring/Summer 22 Collection

This season we asked ourselves, "If women of color were the muses behind ancient Greek sculptures, what would it look like?".

We understood the assignment.

hispanic woman as ancient statue in feather bra and silk skirt

Our SS22 campaign is personified by Greek marble sculptures that, although exquisite and bold in memorializing the feminine form, consistently depict white women.

ancient greek marble statue
ancient greek marble statue of woman

As you experience our collection for the first time and imagine women of color in them, know that that is what those sculptures should have looked like.

asian woman in silk top and leather pants mimicking greek statue

Each garment from this collection pays homage to timeless traditions from WOC communities all over the world, providing a tangible link between pAx and the experiences of the women we aim to serve. Each pAx product is nothing less than an original piece of wearable art.

Black woman in leather top

Our High Neck Leather Top draws from the Moroccan practice of dyeing leather at the Chouara Tannery, where animal hides are carefully dyed in multi-colored earthen pits to create a wide array of unique leather products.

Similarly, the colors of our leathers were carefully selected in order to both mimic skin tones and accommodate darker skin tones. Although our leather is faux for sustainable purposes, the Chouara Tannery and the dedication its talented workers have to honoring tradition have inspired
us nonetheless.

Each feather on each these bustiers are hand-dyed and intricately placed one-by-one, reminiscent of the age-old technique of Feather-working, where colorful mosaics of dyed feathers were arranged into patterns forming articles of clothing. 


Despite being hundreds of miles away, POC communities within Peru, Hawaii, and Southeast Asia all used feather-working to adorn their most respected members. For a woman to wear our feathered products, she solidifies her position as royalty.


This garment combines beautiful artistry, ancient techniques,and connects women of color from largely distinct communities all around the world.

indian woman in feathered bra corset
asian women in silk skirt being elegant

This garment’s smooth, colorful gradient is always custom - each skirt is dip-dyed by hand to accomplish the product’s distinct ombre pattern. This product is inspired by the customs in Kofar Mata, Nigeria where Indigo Dye Pits have been used by the locals for centuries to beautify garments.


Since 1498, experts have prepared clay pits in the earth with firewood ashes and baba
wood then methodically dipped fabrics in indigenous dyes. This art is dying out, and so we pay homage to the age-old practice with this skirt, and thus intend to breathe life back into revered customs and culture of POC communities.

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