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The Origin of pAx

We are on the brink of a shift in society where ultimately people will no longer going to be momentarily appeased by very performative gestures from those who control big business. In this new world, there will be a demand for businesses that champion the individuals who are systemically marginalized and consistently misrepresented.

In this way, pAx is revolutionary, created to uplift and empower the women of color community within a fashion industry that has always established women of color as other. I could not be more excited to develop the pAx community, providing jobs to extremely talented POC artists, ensuring sustainability in our designs made specifically with WOC in mind, combining the mind power of great POC leaders, and supporting black and brown-owned factories and manufacturers.

Financially, psychologically, and globally, pAx is here to make profound change.

pAx is going to change the world.


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