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A new era has arrived. Come see all the feathered fun, now exclusively available at


'Feathered Mosaics'

What do jade, gold, and turquoise have to do with feathers? Tracing back to Aztec, Mexican and other ancient Mesoamerican civilizations, featherworking was an intricate art used as currency, valuable gifts, and a pathway to the divine. Learn more about the importance of featherworking, and how pAx is utilizing it in our latest collection to honor POC communities. 


Photo Courtesy of The Metropolitan Museum, New York. 2012

"Finally. A brand that sees me and embraces all of the qualities that I love about myself as a woman of color. I can't wait to fill my closet with pAx."


For Women of Color,
By Women of Color.

Clothes designed with women of color in mind, from planning to production.

The Celebration of Beauty

At pAx, we aim to admire beauty in all its identities, complexions, sizes, and characteristics.

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