About Us

We aren't your ordinary brand.

Let us show you how we are different.


Overall, our mission at pAx is to admire beauty in all its identities, complexions, sizes, and characteristics. Our pieces showcase the natural and exquisite glory found in the feminine form while challenging and redefining the stereotypical standard of beauty to emphasize real beauty is made of confidence, self-love, and joy.

Around the world, women of color comprise the majority, however, due to dominating ideals of beauty, they are often unrecognized, unappreciated, and unconsidered, especially in the world of fashion. 


We at pAx contest this in five ways: 

1. pAx caters specifically to all women of color.

Reflected even in our logo with an upside-down A which stands for "all for", the brand was created in consideration of all women of color. This includes the entire colorful array of women hailing from countries like Cambodia, Morocco, Kenya, and Peru, just to name a few.


Our job at pAx is to best accommodate the bodies complexions, and experiences of this diverse audience through every aspect of our brand. Our product design, sizing, models, creative stylings, and more will reflect this as we work hard to target a multifaceted global audience. Ultimately, we dedicate ourselves to the exposition of different beauty standards than what has stereotypically been seen as the ideal.

2. pAx is a luxury brand.

We will offer high-quality products to a population of women who are looking for exquisite goods but are often underserved, overlooked, and reduced to lower-quality items and less-lucrative opportunities. pAx is  not only in the service of fashion, but also in the service of community: We will function to uplift the WOC community, promote confidence, and instill a sense of pride by making the best quality products readily accessible. Not only that, but our team at pAx has eyes on every step of production. You can rest assured our quality is unmatched.

3. pAx cherishes the bodies of women of color, in all shapes and sizes

A problem we identify often with the current mainstream depiction of black and brown bodies is they are very often hyper-sexualized, insinuating these bodies are worthy mainly of consumption and observation rather than admiration. pAx will actively contest this and make clothing that embraces and destigmatizes the feminine physique in all its forms. Women of color deserve to determine for themselves how they want their bodies to be seen.

4. pAx boasts a diverse executive leadership team

With an executive board fully comprised of people of color, we make sure pAx can best represent the experiences, perspectives, and concerns of the community we aim to serve. This advantageous proximity to our desired audience will guide the making of future collections, planning events and initiatives, and of course, creating employment opportunities. Even the independent artists we hire, such as stylists and photographers, will reflect the population we aim to serve.

5. pAx puts money back into communities of color

As a brand grounded in purpose, pAx commits to sourcing fabrics from and producing within countries which contain large black and brown populations. Despite the popularity of sourcing from countries like Italy and France, we understand the responsibility we have to not only clothe black and brown women, but to buy from them as well.

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Sara Howell graduated from Princeton University in 2019 with degrees in Chemistry and Spanish.  For my entire undergraduate experience, I have been preparing to enter the medical industry, and now I am currently attending Howard University College of Medicine.  While medicine is an important part of my life, I’ve never let that hinder me from pursuing my other passions - namely, my interest in the fashion industry. Amidst organic chemistry courses and hospital internships, I founded TigerTrends my sophomore year of college - Princeton’s very first fashion editorial in 274 years. The absence of a fashion community and a space for creatives to convene created a void on campus that I felt within my core, perhaps due to the love that I’ve had for fashion since I was a little girl. What formed as a result was a vibrant, collaborative network that not only brought together stylists, designers, and photographers for the first time but also brought unforeseen levels of diversity to quite possibly the most traditional campus in the United States. The editorial covered topics such as body positivity and cultural pride; when our debut issue corresponded with the Black Panther release, we shot a Wakanda-themed cover, complete with an African model, natural afro, and tribal makeup. In just two years, what started as an attempt to bring inclusivity and creativity to a conservative campus resulted in a close-knit team of 50 artists, 9 full digital issues, and a partnership with Paper Magazine. Ultimately, this experience revealed to me that I didn’t just love fashion, but I loved bringing equity into an industry that had lacked proper diversity and representation for years.


After the pandemic hit, I was one of the students whisked back home to finish my Senior year. I finished my thesis and graduated from the comfort of my living room couch. Since the world was on lockdown and the healthcare system was overwhelmed, the original prospect of finding a job within a hospital was now unavailable. However, what was initially a disappointment resulted in a major life development: I could build the career in fashion that I always wanted to have. So, I moved to New York that summer and began working in the fashion industry. I interned under a few designers and brands in the city while simultaneously planning what I truly wanted to do: begin my own brand.

pAx made its debut officially on the first day of the new year. In the past year, I’ve been learning, the business has been quickly growing, and my team and I are making important strides towards where we want to be. We are just getting started, but we know pAx will revolutionize the fashion industry.