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Embark on a journey to Aoteoroa to honor the Māori people, the native islanders of New Zealand. From ancient mythology to common fauna to tribal pride, prepare for a closer look into the heart of a culturally rich and beautiful community.


The Māori Collection

Inspired by Māori heritage, our new release tells a story of tradition, woven with love and respect for the beautiful Māori way of life. In The Māori Collection, designer Sara Howell has joined forces with Māori women to translate indigenous culture and the natural world into eight pieces of wearable art with rich textures, vibrant color ways, and meticulous attention to detail. 

Learn more about how we pay homage to nature's gift of Māori culture and beauty.


Courtesy of Marlon Turner, 2024

"Finally. A brand that sees me and embraces all of the qualities that I love about myself as a woman of color. I can't wait to fill my closet with pAx."


For Women of Color,
By Women of Color.

Clothes designed with women of color in mind, from planning to production.

The Celebration of Beauty

At pAx, we aim to admire beauty in all its identities, complexions, sizes, and characteristics.

Black woman with white luxury tee
Curvy black woman with black luxury t-shirt
Middle Eastern woman with cropped leather top and silk skirt
Indian woman with silk skirt
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